Blue – the colour of intuition and clarity

In our series of looking at colour vibrations, colour therapy and associated essential oils, today we are looking at indigo blue.

Colour: Indigo Blue

Chakra: Third eye, bringing clarity and vision helping us direct our thoughts and energy.

Feeling: Soothe and Balance
Encourage positivity, purity, intuition and clarity of vision. Help direct our thoughts to areas which will provide self-development and spiritual growth. Raises our sensitivity to sacred things and used for deep pain, healing, sedation and purification. Protects the aura.

Mental: Links to the higher mind, intuition and power by knowledge

Physical: Cools, use to treat sunburn, itchy skin, burns.

Essential Oils which reflect the Indigo ray:
Bay Laurel: express true feelings, wisdom, peace, protection, intuition and expression.
Clove: focus, vision, knowledge/ Stimulates the mind.
Tea Tree: vision, perception, purity, release fears and anxiety and allows us to trust higher guidance which is often revealed to us in dreams.
Cinnamon: loyalty and trust.

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Ref: Colour Scents by Suzy Chiazzari

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